Do I need a real estate agent or attorney to buy land?

No, contrary to popular belief. In the Western US, escrow/title companies are commonly used (but not mandated) to close transactions, while in the Eastern US, lawyers are commonly used (but again not mandated). We cut out lawyers, real estate agents, and lenders, in order to offer low prices and ensure quick sales.

May I go tour the property before I buy it?

Yes, please do. You don’t need to ask us, just go! The GPS coordinates are published in the listing for this exact reason.

Will you give me a tour?

Not personally, but please feel free to do a self-guided tour with a GPS. The parcel boundary coordinates are listed for this exact reason.

If I am not in the United States, may I still buy land from you?

Yes, our land may be bought by anyone who is not subject to American trade restrictions such as North Korea or Iran.

Can I mail payments for financed properties?

Yes. However, there will be a $15 loan service fee.

Can I have more than one name/person listed on the contract?

Yes! You can have as many people as you like listed on the contract. The Contract can also be made in the name of a trust, corporation or LLC.

Is there a penalty if I pay off early?

No! There is no prepayment penalty. You can pay off your property at anytime.

What type of deed is recorded once the land is paid off?

The deed will be a Warranty Deed, the strongest and safest of deeds.

Are there any back taxes or liens on the property?

The taxes are paid current and there are no back taxes or liens on any of the properties sold by Countryside Acreage. The land is free & clear of any encumbrances.

May I use the land while I am making payments?

Yes! You have full use of the land during the entire contract period.

What are the property taxes?

The recent annual property taxes are included in each property listing.

How do I qualify for a payment plan?

Everyone qualifies, we have no credit restrictions. If you think you can make the payments, then you qualify. If your circumstances change, please let us know and we’ll work with you.

Are there back property taxes or Liens on the property?

Unless stated otherwise, our properties are owned free and clear, and are current with taxes when we transfer them to you. If you’ve seen during your due diligence that there are taxes owed, that’s normal; we will make the taxes current at the time of sale.

May I raise crops or animals on the property?

Typically, the answer is yes. However, we ALWAYS recommend checking with the county to understand the local zoning.

Does the property have utilities?

Some properties do have utilities, and these will be disclosed to the best of my ability in the property listing. However, we usually acquire rural vacant land, which may have access, but not always utilities. It’s perfect for an off-grid lifestyle that is becoming popular.

Does the land Perc?

If the answer is not in the property listing, then we’re unlikely to know the answer to this. Feel free to visit any of my land and do a perc test of your own before buying. Check YouTube for some instructions about how to do a DIY perc test to give you peace of mind about a future septic installation. A perc test is usually done by pouring water into a hole the size of a small bucket, and seeing how long it takes for the water to soak into the ground.

May I put a trailer or RV on the land?

Check with the local zoning at the county. For many of the property we acquire, the answer is yes, but we can’t guarantee every property will be zoned this way.

May I put shipping containers on the land?

Check the local county zoning to determine this, it varies widely from county to county and state to state.

Can we use escrow to close?

Yes, if you pay for it and coordinate it. While it may provide peace of mind, it will take longer to close than if we just sign the deed over to you.

Do you offer title insurance?

If you the buyer pay for it, yes. We do our own title research before we acquire any land that you’d be purchasing, since most deeds are digital, anyone can do title research and determine if there are any clouds on the title.

May I record my own deed?

Yes. It is simply a process of mailing it to the county clerk with the proper recording fee via US Postal Service.

Can I buy land in my kids names?

Yes, however if the child is a minor, the land generally won’t be able to be re-sold until they are 18. One interesting effect of this is that it limits our ability to issue a refund on parcels which we’ve sold to a minor. Keep that in mind as you contemplate putting property in the name of a minor.

I am interested in a specific property, what more can you tell me about it?

Everything we know about any given property will be included in the listing. We buy and sell relatively quickly, and don’t always visit the actual land; there may be some information we’re unaware of.

May I resell your properties?

Yes, of course, if you have paid it off in full. You cannot resell it until the property is paid off. If we’ve done our job correctly, you’ll have acquired the property below market value, so please go and resell it (and come back for more)!

Is APN the same as an AIN or Parcel Number?

Yes, APN is the Assessor’s Parcel Number, sometimes shortened to parcel number.

Do you prorate the property taxes when I finance a property?

Yes, we prorate the taxes over 12 months and add it to the monthly payment amount. When researching a property, you are interested in, you may see that taxes are owed. Don’t worry, when you commit to the purchase, we will pay the county taxes that have accrued up to that point.

Are mineral rights included?

Unless indicated in the description, mineral rights are not included. We have never found this to be an issue with any of the properties we have sold. One way to search for the mineral owner is to hire a landman to search for you: http://www.landmen.net/

If I want to drill a well, how deep does it need to be?

View well depths near your property at the Texas Water Well GIS website. Well drilling runs around $35.00-$40.00 per foot.

Is there a time limit to build?

No. There is no time limit to build and no maintenance required. The property can sit vacant as long as you like. The land is sage and wild grasses. There is no upkeep needed.

What improvements have been made to the property?

None. Unless otherwise indicated, this is a vacant property. It has not been fenced. There are no homes or buildings on the property and the land is free and clear of trash. This is a pristine piece of land.