42 Acres in the Bean Hills of Hudspeth County

Property Description

This 42 Acre property in the Bean Hills of Hudspeth County, Texas is located 25 miles from Van Horn, TX and 22 miles from Sierra Blanca, TX and has Eagle Flat Road going through the Southwest corner of the property!

This is a prepper's and hunter's dream property!

The property's elevation ranges from 4700 feet in the gullies to 4800 feet at its highest point.

The hilly, free range land is ideal for anyone who enjoys the outdoors and is interested in securing a great property to hunt on.

In addition to being able to hunt without restriction, the owner of this property is also free from zoning requirements, meaning you welcome to use the land however you want! It's seclusion makes for an ideal campground, or even a private hunting cabin. The land is ideal for off-roading and 4x4s.

This rare deal won’t last so act fast to secure this amazing opportunity!

Property Details

Parcel ID: 30138
Size: 42 Acres
Terrain: Hilly
Access: Dirt Road. A 4WD vehicle may be required to access the property. Private road access may need to be negotiated with surrounding land owners.
Conveyance: Warranty Deed
Mineral Rights: Not Included
Taxes: Approximately $124 per year
General Elevation: 4,800 Feet
GPS Coordinates: 31.176954, -105.094225 (Southwest corner of parcel)

Legal Description: The Southeast quarter (SE/4), of the Southwest quarter (SW/4), being a portion of Section Nine (9), Block Fifty-six (56). PUBLIC SCHOOL LAND, Hudspeth County, Texas

 Payment Information

Cash Price: $8,950
Down: $601 + Document Preparation Fee (Non-refundable): $149 
$195 for 48 Months
Interest: 0.00% Interest

Our prices START low and only increase!
Invest in the property NOW at the lowest price. Don't wait until it increases!

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So easy and simple! I talked with Nathaniel and he worked with me on the down payment amount. I sent payment and I received a copy of the deed, survey, and directions and maps a few days later in my email. I have already been to the property and I got it all for the same price as my car payment. If only my car would go up in value like this land will!
Don, Round Rock, Texas

Don, Round Rock, Texas

TexasNathaniel Bruno